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Hire Lindy as a Speaker!

Lindy is a great speaker and the is different from your standard business presentation.



How To Create A Fast Growth Business

This is about succeeding as an entrepreneur. The presentation covers the ideas, processes, concepts and strategies that grow and improve a business.

Suitable for small and medium sized business owners or those who aspire to own a business or the senior managers within an organization, especially for women in business.

Lindy is right up to date with the latest trends and happenings in business. Her practical, commonsense approach always leads to good take home value for her audiences.

Secrets of Superpower

This is about Lindy's personal goal setting and achievements. She will explain her three personal secrets of gaining superpower.

How to profit from China

In this value packed presentation, you will gain an insight into doing business with the Chinese. You’ll walk away with

  • 3 hot business opportunities practically anyone could take advantage of
  • 5 strategies to trade with China
  • 9 pitfalls to avoid when dealing with the Chinese