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Brisbane, Queensland Australia



“Thank you again for the wonderful job you did as host of the On Board to Board function earlier this month - you were truly inspiring in your words of wisdom and I think the audience really appreciate your honest and open approach. I had a few women sitting near me who said they had been to many of the On Board to Board functions before who said you were one of the best speakers they had ever had!”

-- Natasha Evans, Event Assistant Coordinator, Australian Institute of Management

“I would like to pass on some of the feedback from the surveys distributed to attendees:

  • Very interesting and inspiring speaker.
  • Really enjoyed her presentation, would like to hear her speak again and for a bit longer.
  • Much gratitude for an inspiring personal story.
  • Is there a fourth super secret power?
  • Lindy is a true inspiration! I can’t imagine anyone NOT getting positive vibes from her.
  • I found this speaker truly inspirational. Her story was a lesson to us all that you can achieve anything if you set yourself a goal and work towards achieving that goal. Focus on how you are and interact and good things will come.
  • I really learnt a lot from Lindy. She was a very inspirational speaker and I have incorporated her super secret powers. Lindy was very inspiring. I took note of her 3 super secrets and plan to use them for my personal goals.”

-- Kim Nielsen, Staff Development Officer, Training and Development Unit, State Crime Operations Command